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The Psychology Behind Unusual Casino Carpet Designs

Many think that the carpet designers of casinos have really bad taste. They’re perhaps unaware of the fact that they’re deliberately designed that way. Somehow, these designs encourage visitors to gamble more. This was observed by David Schwartz in an essay. He is the director of the University of Nevada’s Centre for Gaming Research in Las Vegas. 

In the essay, he wrote that the carpet designs are wild and bright. They seem to follow a tradition that began in Nevada’s casino hotels during the 1930s. Of course, if you’re a player in online casinos, these things won’t concern you. You don’t even need to step out of your home if you’re playing an online casino. For detailed information, reviews, and useful resources on casinos, visit

Gambling machines and carpets

The tradition says that loud carpeting makes gamblers stay focused on the table games and slot machines. Many experts have also observed this as a part of their research. It’s almost the same as having canopies on the tops of tables. Bad carpet designs actually make gamblers concentrate more on where the real action is. The tradition of casino carpet designs date back to the times before Reno and Las Vegas became gambling cities.

Subtle messages conveyed by carpets

All those carpets that you see in the big casino establishments were not preferred traditionally. They started seeing the effect of these carpets on the minds of gamblers over the years. One can notice the unique patterns of carpets used in casinos like Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay. All these carpets seem to whisper ‘gamble, gamble,’ to all those who occupy the nearest slot machines. 

They also have an important role to play when it comes to luring the gamblers. Considering this fact, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see people sticking around and playing. These carpets gradually become a part of the integrated pull, which creates a willingness in visitors to gamble. An unlikely player is converted into an active gambler with such an ambience. 

It’s not enough in the world of land-based casinos to just provide visitors with the games. There must be a greater understanding of what ‘play’ really is and then build the right playgrounds for it. With the use of carpets, the right vibrancy and energy is created in these establishments.

The psychology behind those curves and flowers

The angles are masculine in nature, while the curves are feminine. The curves welcome players and invite them to play. Consider the carpet used in Atlantis Hotel Casino. It has floral designs with a pattern of bright circles and long curves. Visitors feel more comfortable and alive when they visit the gambling spaces in the Atlantis. 

The most alluring and exciting spaces in casinos are those with carpets that have curvilinear designs. Major resorts in Sparks and Reno use carpeting that has circular shapes and flowers in their designs. They carry a universal message despite having different designs. 

One can see the prominence of wheels on the carpeting at Caesars Palace. They’re symbols of relentless capriciousness of fortune and were a favourite among the Romans in ancient times.

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