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Your Guide to Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Whether it’s daily movement, the inevitable spills, or occasional mishaps, hardwood floors are prone to a lot of wear. Taking some preventive measures would be the best way to keep your hardwood floor clean. It would not only protect the floor but also save your time and efforts to get it cleaned. You can place floor mats inside as well as outside the main entrance to reduce tracked-in dirt. 

During rainy or snowy weather, you can set up a small space for boot removal. This would avoid the damage done to the floor with tracked-in water or de-icing agents. You might also want to consider keeping a small towel or cleaning cloth handy near the door. This can help you clean up any errant puddles on your hardwood floor quickly. 

Cleaning hardwood floors routinely

Regular cleaning of the hardwood floor with a dust mop or broom can help you in keeping it clean. The frequency of this chore depends entirely on the amount of movement happening on the floor. Dusting the floor using a mop treated with a dusting agent can be helpful for quick cleaning. 

This would pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair that might cause scratches on the surface. One of the best mops for hardwood floors is the one with a microfiber head. It effectively traps grime and dust. You must follow the recommendations of the mop manufacturer before using any dusting sprays or wood floor polish. 

You won’t need an extra cleaning agent while using some mops. Of course, you must never overlook vacuuming while considering how to clean your hardwood floor.

Deep-cleaning hardwood floors

Although cleaning of hardwood floors begins with routine cleaning and preventive measures, they might require deep cleaning at times. Over a period of time, dirt, grime, and oil start building up. They can’t be removed completely by dusting weekly. 

For deep cleaning, dip a sponge or rag mop in the water. Wring it dry to the greatest extent possible. Damp-mop the hardwood floor. If required, rinse the surface with a clean mop that has been dampened in clear water. Wipe off excess liquid quickly as water must not stay for long on wooden surfaces.

Best cleaners for cleaning hardwood floors

If you aren’t sure about the best cleaner for cleaning your hardwood floor, talk to the flooring manufacturer. They can recommend you a cleaner that’s ideal for use on your floor. In case you couldn’t consult the manufacturer or your flooring is quite old, there’s an alternative. You can pick a product that has been specially made for cleaning hardwood floors. 

Don’t use tile floor cleaners or vinyl as they might do more harm than good. You can use Greenguard Gold certified hardwood floor cleaners if you’re concerned about using harsh chemicals. Hardwood floor cleaners that have been Greenguard Gold certified can be used safely in homes that have kids and pets. As an alternative, you can also try making a safe homemade cleaning solution for cleaning.

Removing stains from hardwood floors

Before you try to remove a stain from wooden floors, consider the finish of the flooring. If the surface has been stained, your floor might be having a hard finish. One good example of such a finish is urethane. Floors with a soft oiled finish are common in many of the older homes. 

In most of these homes, the floors might not have been refinished and resealed. If your floor has a hard finish, wipe the surface stains off with a clean and soft cloth.

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