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5 Cleaning Methods That Professional Carpet Cleaners Use

Not many people are aware that carpets can cause some health issues when left uncleaned. A carpet that accumulates dust and allergens can be hazardous for those with breathing problems. Some basic cleaning done frequently might not be of any help. 

Over a period of time, carpets accumulate a lot of dirt besides allergens and dust. You’ll certainly need professional help for getting your carpet cleaned in the right manner. Here are a few methods that professional carpet cleaners use:

1. Dry powder cleaning

This method of cleaning carpets involves ‘the host system’. It is a technique that utilizes a soft, natural cleaning product. Before beginning the cleaning process, this product is combined with water, detergent, and a solvent. The mixture is then sprinkled on the carpet. It creates clumps that appear like pieces of sawdust. They act like micro-sponges, which dissolve and absorb dirt. 

Later, these clumps are vacuumed out, leaving behind a cleaner surface of the carpet. This method cannot be considered as a deep-cleaning process as it only removes dirt from the surface. However, for commercial use, it can be an appropriate cleaning technique with regard to the maintenance of the carpet.

2. Hot Water Extraction

A combination of extremely hot water and cleaning agents is used in the hot water extraction method. This combination is injected into the carpet at high pressure. This loosens dirt, soil, and stains from the carpet’s fibre. Usually, there are two tanks in a hot water extraction cleaning machine. One is the solution tank containing clean water and cleaning solution. 

The other is a recovery tank, into which, all the dirty water is extracted. All the dirty water and debris from the carpet is extracted with the help of a powerful vacuum. Hot Water Extraction is a highly effective deep-cleaning method for residential and commercial spaces. It removes dirt and debris trapped way down into the fibres of the carpet.

3. Bonnet cleaning

An appropriate cleaning technique for maintenance of commercial spaces, bonnet cleaning is also called ‘dry cleaning’ by many. It is, in fact, a low moisture cleaning process and not a dry one. As only the carpet’s surface is cleaned, it usually dries in half an hour. 

In this method, a self-neutralizing detergent is sprayed into the carpet. It is then cleaned with a rotary scrubber, which has a bonnet pad made of dry cotton attached to it. Bonnet cleaning gives a clean appearance to the surface of the carpet.

4. Encapsulation cleaning

In this method of cleaning, the carpet is first vacuumed before the application of an encapsulating chemical. Later, a rotary machine is placed on the carpet, allowing the chemical to absorb and isolate the carpet’s dirt. The isolated dirt is then vacuumed. Since this is a low-moisture system, the process of cleaning is quite fast. 

The carpets thus cleaned can be promptly put back into use. Besides its effectiveness in cleaning the carpets of households, this method is also great for commercial use.

5. Professional steam cleaning

In this method of carpet cleaning, steam is let out at high pressure and temperature. It helps in getting rid of odour, dust mites, and bacteria. This method effectively removes dirt and mould from carpets, thereby improving their appearance. Professional steam cleaning is ideal for residential as well as commercial use.

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